Where Are Our Scholars Now?

The Feagin Leadership Program has helped launch our scholars into exciting careers in diverse fields, both within and beyond medicine. Below is a small sampling of the locations across the United States where our alumni continue to further the lessons and values of the program. 

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2018 -2019

Chris Bassil, Anthony A. Catanzano, MD, Sarah F. Cotter, MD, Brian Chei-Fai Lau, MD, Deborah Oyeyemi, Shervin Rahimpour, MD, Andrew Barbour, Lorena Bajarano-Pineda, MD, Jennifer Frush, Luke A. Gatta, MD, Evan Michael Guerrero, MD, Niobra M. Keah, William McManigle, MD, Alexa Bramall, MD, Kaitlin M. Ryan-Smith, MD, Josh Helmkamp, Cassie Hobbs, Cosette DeChant Champion, Tyler R. Johnston, MD, A. Christine Emler, MD, Rebecca R. Donald, MD, Rebecca A. Gibson , Bonnie P. Gregory, MD, Colin H. Marts, Sabina Sayeed, Chan W. Park, MD FAAEM


Hassan Alkazemi, Selena An, Avionna Baldwin, Rita, Baumgartner, Megan Berube, Alexander Blood, Ciara Burgi, Kyle Duchman, Kyle Freischlag, Tony Fuller, Qimeng Gao, Brian Gilmore, Nathan Grimm, Aman Kansal, Devin Lemmex, Angela Li Pollack, Anthony Lin, Sunny Patel, Krystina Quow, Stephanie Roses, Amanda Sergesketter, Aarti Thakkar, Ashley Wietsma, Theresa Williamson


Rizwan Ahmed, Doreen Chang, Jennifer Chien, Zach Christopherson, Ryan Coughlin, Tiffany Covas, Matthew Crawford, Bill Diplas, Drake Edwards, Aladine Elsamadicy, Valentine Esposito, Kim Hoang, Hanna Kemeny, Jordan Komisarow, Harold Leraas, Andrew Matson, Andrew McCrary, Dayne Mickelson, Uttara Nag, Colin O’Leary, Stephanie Pagliuca, Ben Parker, Michael Quist, Stephan Shaheen


Andrew Atia, Kevin Anderson, James Bailey, Swara Bajpai, Nikita Chapurin, Mary Cobb, Rui Dai, Kevin Dale, Travis Dekker, Kal Gunasingha, Amy Jones, Christohper Kim, Barrett Little, John McManigle, Timothy Miller, Michael Morwood, Michael Mulvihill, Kelly Murphy, Riika Nomides, Robert Sinyard, Stephen Smiley, Shanna Sprinkle, Nathan Waldron, Benjamin Wildman-Tobriner


James Choi, John Deans, Eduard Alentorn Geli, Matthew Kearney, Laura Musselwhite, Elizabeth Scott, Patricia Chu, Loretta Erhunmwunsee, Jonathan Godin, Tom Lefebvre, Maria Noviani, Joseph Stuart, Steven Cook, Norah Foster, Jennifer Huack, RosaMarie Maiorella, Colin Penrose, Malini Veerappan


Jon Andrews, Matthew Boyle, Kendall Bradley, Christopher Jones, Cameron Ledford, Liang Liu (Phillip), Robin Mansour, Taylor McClellan, Thomas Mullin, Julie Neumann, Tara Ortiz, Jonathan Roth, Kathryne Stabile, Nicholas Tsipis, John Valvalle, Allison Webb, MengMeng Xu, John Yerxa


Alexander Chamessian, Bryan Choi, Kirema Garcia-Reyes, Thomas Haytmanek, Matthew Kanaan, Thomas Kreman, Nimit Lad, John Lewis, Jenna McNeill, William Mook, Daniel Scott, Abhay Singh, Patrick Siparsky, Ramon Ruberte Thiele, Nicki Zelenski, Milt Zgonis


Scott Adams, John Anderson, Mitchell Bassett, Jacob Berchuck, Kyle Gibler, Deeptee Jain, Stephanie Mayer, Ankit Mehta, Shannon O’Connor, Anupam Pradhan, Grant Sutter, Nicholas Viens


Chris Brown, Daniel Brown, Luis Carrilero, Katherine Coyner, Matthew Crowe, Daniel Heckman, Christopher Hostler, Joshua Lacsina, Christopher Manz, Eziamaka Okafor, Bret Peterson, Matthew Posner, Navid Pourtaheri, Carolyn Sangokoya, Brian Schwab, Donna Simmons, Cameron Williams

How has the Feagin Program Personally Impacted Scholars?



The steadfast guidance and training I received in the Feagin Leadership Program allowed me to develop into a more authentic, impactful, and intentional leader. The growth that this program facilitated has permeated far beyond my life in the hospital, and I am incredibly grateful for it."

-Valentine Esposito, F'17

MD Candidate, Duke School of Medicine

MHS Candidate, Clinical Research Training Program, Duke University

President, SOM Davison Council


"The Feagin Leadership Program taught me that it is my duty to my patients to continually self-reflect and try to improve core leadership domains like emotional intelligence, communication, and teamwork, and that this learning is as important, if not more important, than my ongoing medical learning as an anesthesiologist. The program led me to discover that leadership development is one of my passions. In the next year I will be implementing a leadership program for our anesthesia residents. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be part of this inspiring Feagin family."

- Jennifer Hauck, MD, F'15

Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology

Duke University School of Medicine

Feagin Leadership Advisory Board Member


"During my time in the Feagin Leadership Program, I learned what a true leader looks like. This leader is not defined by their degree, color of their skin, sexual identity, gender, or socioeconomic status. Instead, leaders are defined based on their integrity, humbleness, and desire to advance a common goal. Leadership is intentional. Leadership is planned. Leadership is practiced."

- Chris Jones, MD, F'14

Orthopedic Surgeon

Kaiser Permanente Medical Group



The Feagin Leadership Program helped develop who I became as a medical leader, instilling in me ideas and leadership techniques to complement the clinical skills that I am learning. I have had numerous interactions over the past year where I had to rely on this training in communicating plans, making difficult decisions, and caring for patients. Just as important, the lessons I learned have also helped me to be a better husband and father which I have found is an integral part of who I am as a physician.

Every day, I witness the results of the Feagin Leadership Program in all facets of my life and for that I am thankful."

-Steve Cook, MD, FL'15

Neurosurgeon, Spine Surgeon

Duke University


"Participating in the Feagin Leadership Forum in 2010-2011 has a tremendous influence on my academic medicine career as an Orthopaedic Surgeon. I have personally seen first hand the value of principles that were introduced through Feagin, including the importance of establishing and MAINTAINING relationships, effectively managing difficult conversations, and the power of successful negotiation. I have become a much better mentor for training residents and medical students and make it a priority to expose them to some of the same concepts I learned at the Feagin Leadership Forum. My favorite time of year is when I return for the annual Feagin Forum, as I leave there each year I am rejuvenated in my path to become a better leader in medicine."

Katherine J. Coyner, MD, FL'11

Feagin Leadership Advisory Board Member

Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery

University of Connecticut Health Center

Notable Accomplishments of our Alumni


Jenny Hauck, FL'15

Dr. Hauck was awarded the Academic Chief Resident Award for the Department of

Anesthesiology at Duke University.


Loretta Erhunmwunsee, FL'15

Dr. Erhunmwunsee was awarded the Peter C. Pairolero Scholarship by the General

Thoracic Surgery Club.


Tom Lefebvre, FL'15

Dr. Lefebvre was awarded the William T. Obremskey Scholarship Award given by the

Bassett Society.


Laura Musselwhite, FL'15

Dr. Musselwhite received the NIH Fogarty Global Health Award and the Califf

Medical Research Award.