Feagin Scholars Attend General H. Hugh Shelton Leadership Forum

The Feagin Scholars were privileged to attend the 16th Annual General H. Hugh Shelton Leadership Forum at North Carolina State University. This forum, an annual seminar series, highlights the importance of leadership development and aims to create a more dynamic dialogue about values-based leadership. To learn more about the center, event, and speakers, visit: https://sheltonleadership.ncsu.edu/shelton-leadership-forum/current-form/

Feagin Leadership Team Wins Shelton Leadership Golf Tournament

A Feagin Leadership Team won the Shelton Golf Invitational Tournament hosted by the NC State Foundation for the fifth straight year in a row on Thursday, October 12. The tournament supports the General Hugh Shelton Leadership Center's educational programs and scholarships. The tournament theme was Honoring Those Who Serve, and the event recognized veterans, National Guard, Reserve, and active duty military personnel, as well as those who support our troops and their families. 


Feagin Leaders and Alumni Explain the Positive Impact of the Feagin Leadership Program in the International Journal of Medical Education

Kevin Anderson, Mary In-Ping Huang Cobb, Rathnayaka M. Gunashingha, Nathan H. Waldron, Andrew Atia, James R. Bailey, Joseph P. Doty, Jane H. Boswick-Caffrey, and Dean C. Taylor published the article, Improving Medical Leadership Education through the Feagin Leadership Program, in the International Journal of Medical Education to describe the Feagin Leadership Program and how it has addressed the dearth of physician-leaders in the American healthcare system. 

We invite you to read and shrae the open-access article: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28817379

Maria Noviani, FL'15 Writes About her Commitment to Service in DukeNUS Blog

Dr. Maria Noviani has garnered outstanding academic achievements throughout her medical career, including the Feng Po Shii Award in 2014, the Goh Foundation Research award in 2014, the American Heart Association Scholarship in Cardiovascular Disease in 2014, and Best Oral Presentation Award at the 2015 ISERD International Conference on Medical Health Sciences in Singapore. 

What may set her apart even more so, however, is her deep commitment to addressing health inequity around the world, from Indonesia to Singapore.  

We invite you to read her piece detailing her experiences and motivations: https://www.duke-nus.edu.sg/admissions-blog/content/paying-it-forward