Feagin Leader Aarti Thakker Reflects on Work in Eldoret, Kenya

Feagin Leader Aarti Thakker was recently featured in The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship news blog to discuss her research as a Doris Duke International Clinical Research Fellow in Eldoret, Kenya. She sough to figure out what happens to patients when they are referred between the various facilities within the Academic Model Providing Access to Healthcare (AMPATH) program. To read more about Aarti, her research, and her observations, read the full story here.

Feagin Leader Aarti Thakkar Selected as 2018-2019 Doris Duke International Clinical Research Fellow

Aarti Thakkar (FL '18) was selected by the Duke Global Health Institute (DGHI) to be one of three Doris Duke International Clinical Research Fellows for this upcoming academic year. She will be conducting research in Eldoret, Kenya with the goal of strengthening referral systems of hypertensive care. 

To read more, visit: https://globalhealth.duke.edu/media/news/dghi-welcomes-three-new-doris-duke-fellows-0


Spontaneous Meeting in the Feagin Community

With the Feagin community expanding every year in size and reach, it was perhaps inevitable that a spontaneous meeting would occur. Feagin scholars Krystina Quow and Avionna Baldwin were celebrating their 5th year reunion at Duke University when they recognized a badge that said “Feagin” at an event. Sure enough, the men were Dr. Feagin’s sons, Rob and Randall! The group had a great conversation about their experience in the program, as well as how excited they all were for this year’s upcoming forum. We look forward to many more surprise reunions within the Feagin community for years to come.


Feagin Leader Valentine Esposito Receives Scholarship to Attend Duke Alumni Women's Weekend

Feagin Leader Valentine Esposito was selected to receive a scholarship to attend the 2018 Duke Alumni Women's Weekend in February. This event, sponsored by the Duke Alumni Association, draws over 450 alumnae, administrators, faculty, and students for an engaging weekend of collaboration, engagement, and networking.

We hope Valentine will be able to share some of the leadership skills she learned through the Feagin program with other women in the Duke family, further disseminating the lessons and ethics of our curriculum. 

Feagin Scholar Aarti Thakker featured for Schweitzer Fellowship Project

Feagin Scholar Aarti Thakker was recently featured in the Duke School of Medicine blog for presenting what she learned from her Schweitzer Fellowship project at Duke Medical School's annual Consortium of Longitudinal Integrated Clerkships Conference. 

Her project focused on the program Duke Hotspotting Initiative (DHSI), through which teams of medical students work with patients from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, particularly with complex medical needs, to ensure that appointments are both set and attended. Conference attendees were inspired to start similar projects at their own schools. 

We invite you to read the full blog post here: https://medschool.duke.edu/about-us/news-and-communications/med-school-blog/durham-singapore-sharing-strategies-improve-patient-health

Registration Now Open for 2018 Feagin Leadership Forum!

Registration is now open for the 2018 Feagin Leadership Forum, Influencing Others:  Leading Effectively Without Authority. To register, please visit https://events.duke.edu/feagin2018. Please note that attendance is by invitation only. Thank you.

Feagin Scholars Attend General H. Hugh Shelton Leadership Forum

The Feagin Scholars were privileged to attend the 16th Annual General H. Hugh Shelton Leadership Forum at North Carolina State University. This forum, an annual seminar series, highlights the importance of leadership development and aims to create a more dynamic dialogue about values-based leadership. To learn more about the center, event, and speakers, visit: https://sheltonleadership.ncsu.edu/shelton-leadership-forum/current-form/

Feagin Leadership Team Wins Shelton Leadership Golf Tournament

A Feagin Leadership Team won the Shelton Golf Invitational Tournament hosted by the NC State Foundation for the fifth straight year in a row on Thursday, October 12. The tournament supports the General Hugh Shelton Leadership Center's educational programs and scholarships. The tournament theme was Honoring Those Who Serve, and the event recognized veterans, National Guard, Reserve, and active duty military personnel, as well as those who support our troops and their families. 


Feagin Leaders and Alumni Explain the Positive Impact of the Feagin Leadership Program in the International Journal of Medical Education

Kevin Anderson, Mary In-Ping Huang Cobb, Rathnayaka M. Gunashingha, Nathan H. Waldron, Andrew Atia, James R. Bailey, Joseph P. Doty, Jane H. Boswick-Caffrey, and Dean C. Taylor published the article, Improving Medical Leadership Education through the Feagin Leadership Program, in the International Journal of Medical Education to describe the Feagin Leadership Program and how it has addressed the dearth of physician-leaders in the American healthcare system. 

We invite you to read and shrae the open-access article: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28817379