Our Mission

The mission of the Feagin Leadership Program is to provide a transformational learning experience that develops effective, ethical leaders who positively influence healthcare. 

Our Vision

The Program’s leadership development educational initiatives focus on skills and behaviors that are associated with effective, ethical leadership in all professional fields, with emphasis on those skills and behaviors that are most important for leadership in medicine. The Program’s core and primary focus is to prepare Feagin Scholars for life-long service as physician leaders. Three elements comprise the Feagin Leadership Program: the Scholars, the Forum and Outreach:

The Scholars Program

  • The program serves as an incubator and catalyst for a nationwide transformation of medical education by emphasizing leadership development through the continuum of professional education.

  • The scholars participate in a year-long leadership development curriculum that includes seminars, workshops, conferences, coaching and mentorship opportunities. Each team designs and implements a major “deliverable”.

  • Scholars are selected in a competitive process from Duke and Duke –National University Singapore medical students, and Duke graduate medical education residents and fellows.

The Leadership Forum

  • The Leadership Forum is the preeminent event that convenes emerging and established leaders who are passionate about leadership development and are committed to the ongoing enhancement of their abilities.

  • It is an annual invitation-only conference that brings together world-class leaders to share their expertise with invitees. Invitees are an exclusive group of proven and emerging leaders from multiple professional fields. These leaders become integral members of the Leadership Program’s “Community of Leaders.”

  • Additionally, the Forum serves as the capstone event for the Scholars year-long curriculum. Scholars present their team projects and engage with all participants in discussions focused on leadership.

  • The lessons learned from the Forum will be incorporated into the Feagin Leadership Program and will be disseminated by the Forum participants resulting in more effective, ethical leadership in Medicine, locally, nationally and internationally.

Outreach Effort

  • Through the collaborations established by our Outreach effort, the Feagin Program will significantly impact leadership development within medical education nationally and internationally.

  • This is done through conducting leadership development sessions to physician groups, medical societies, and residency programs that have expressed their desire to have us share our program's expertise with their organizations.