The 2015 Feagin Leadership Scholars started their program in September. 

This year’s program has quickly engaged the Feagin Scholars in their own leadership journeys.  The program has several aspects, which include four leadership sessions; individual coaching; monthly team meetings, attendance at the Feagin Forum and the development of a group leadership project. The leadership sessions include: determining their leadership strengths through implementation of a 360-degree leadership instrument and individual coaching. The Scholars each have an assigned coach who works with them during the year. Additionally,they are learning to engage in difficult conversations, as well as learning the importance of mentoring. The final session will focus on executive presence, communicating effectively and powerfully.


As a sponsor, you will receive company visibility through:

Logos on the Feagin Scholars printed course materials including binders of curriculum and presentations, as well as recognition on sponsorship pages online and in all publcations associated with the program.

Recognition page of sponsors included in PowerPoint presentations during sessions.

Acknowledgement of sponsorship on the Feagin Leadership Program website:

Acknowledgement on promotional materials announcing the Feagin Forum including mailers, e-mail communications and the website.


Please contact us if you an interested in becoming a sponsor.

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