Leadership Forum 2010

2010 John A. Feagin Jr., MD,  International Leadership Forum

Date:         October 22 - October 23, 2010
Location:    Duke Unversity, Durham, NC
Audience:  Participation is by invitation only

Forum Chairman

Professor of Surgery
Division of Orthopaedic Surgery
Duke University Medical Center


The primary goal of the Forum is to create an opportunity for current and emerging leaders to advance their clinical skills, deepen their professional knowledge, and to cultivate an environment of shared learning to enhance individual and team leadership abilities.    The two-day Forum will include three key learning objectives:
  • Advance medical knowledge of ACL injury Mechanisms and Prevention, including dialogue with international leaders in the field on current advances in treatment options
  • Engage in dialogue with Health Policy leaders on issues facing academic and industry leaders with particular focus on the potential impact of health care reform on industry suppliers, hospital providers and physicians
  • Enhance cross-functional leadership skills via participation in the Saturday leadership forum
Participants in the forum will include established leaders who will bring their experiences from the military, medical, sports, and business worlds together with emerging student leaders from the undergraduate and graduate schools of medicine, business, and athletics.  Together, we will explore the similarities and differences in how moral and ethical leadership can be sustained during turbulent times.  This dynamic will be demonstrated across a variety of topics including:  technical issues facing medical practice, development of compounds and devices that support the sports medicine field, health policies that influence and effect medical practice, and the development and training of cross-functional leaders prepared to succeed in a global arena.