Our Application Process

Applications are open to rising third year medical students, MD/PhD Students, residents, and fellows. Medical students will need faculty mentor approval to participate in the program.

The following are the items to be included in your application packet:

  • 1-page resume
  • 2 letters of recommendation

    • 1 from a faculty member (can be but does not have to be an MD)

    • 1 from another individual (not a family member)

  • 1-page essay addressing the following questions:

    • "What will you contribute to the Feagin Leadership Program?"

    • "What do you expect to get out of your experience in the program?"

Please submit your application in PDF format to Cindy Crabtree at cindy.crabtree@duke.edu with the subject line: "2019 Application."

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Joe Doty at joseph.doty@duke.edu or call 919-684-0512.

Important Dates:

  • May 21 - Application submission opened
  • June 18 - Application submissions closed at midnight
  • July 23 - Announcements of the 2018- 2019 Feagin Leadership Scholars