About the Feagin Program




The John A. Feagin Jr., MD Leadership Program has been created to honor John A. Feagin, Jr., MD. Dr. Feagin’s dedication to developing ethical leaders of character is the inspiration for this effort. 

Changing the Face of Medicine Through Leadership


There are three primary areas of focus for the Feagin Leadership Program:  the Feagin Medical Scholars, the annual Feagin Leadership Forum and the medical school LEAD curriculum. (Leadership education and development)

The Feagin Medical Scholars are comprised of fellows, residents, and medical students and are engaged in leadership development seminars, workshops, a team project, individual coaching and attendance at leadership conferences. The seminars include topics such as: Defining Personal Leadership and Values; Mentoring; Your Professional Identity, Ethical Leadership; How to Manage Difficult Conversations and Executive Presence.

The Feagin Leadership Forum is an invitation-only conference. In addition to the Feagin Medical Scholars, those invited are an exclusive group of proven and emerging leaders from many professional fields, who wish to continue to share their expertise and engage in lifelong learning and development of their own leadership skills. The Forum serves as the capstone event of the Feagin Medical Scholars' year-long curriculum.

The third component of the Feagin Leadership Program is providing leadership development educational programs for organizations outside of Duke. Through collaboration with the Community of Leaders involved with the Feagin Program, we provide leadership development sessions for physician groups, medical societies, and residency programs that have invited The Feagin Program to share our program’s expertise with their organizations. 

What the Feagin Leadership Program meant to our 2014 Scholars